Al #cantlivewithoutcitizens


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Alvin #cantlivewithoutcitizens! Al is one of the originals and has been with the Onalaska office since the very beginning. He’s been a customer so long there that they joke he can basically come in and help himself.

Al came to Citizens State Bank years ago after shopping around at three other banks. Al says he was not impressed by the people that he met and was treated like a number.  There was a lack of customer service and mutual respect at each bank, he even had one banker converse with him while his feet were propped up on his desk during their conversation. At two banks, the bankers talked about themselves and didn’t get to know Al as a potential customer. They appeared as if they were in it for themselves and not the customer. 

The treatment Al received from Citizens’ employees though was very personable and the rates were competitive. Both of those are important to him and they helped to seal the deal with Al moving his relationship to Citizens. Not only that, but decisions were being made locally at Citizens State Bank, not thousands of miles away where his life was seen as a bunch of numbers on a sheet. Al doesn’t think decisions should be made that way when it comes to banking.

Al loves coming into the bank, receiving the customer service that Citizens is so good at, which is the #citizensexperience! He actually feels like he is appreciated as a customer and, more importantly, as a person. He is self-proclaimed ‘old school’ and this type of personal service makes him feel that appreciation. The day we took Al’s photo the employees had coffee and doughnuts waiting for Al to thank him for his time. They love when Al comes into the bank and the feeling is mutual. This is all why Al #cantlivewithoutcitizens, but, actually, we #cantlivewithoutAl.”