Barb & Fred #cantlivewithoutcitizens


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Barbara and Fred #cantlivewithoutcitizens because, if they did, they wouldn't be smiling! Not only are they smiling, they also have so much fun when they come into the La Crosse office, everyone is always so nice! The employees are always helpful and will to go to the Nth degree. When they moved back, they opened an account here because they knew our President, Dennis Vogel. As Barb and Fred settled, their relationship with Citizens kept growing. 

Barb and Fred have been nothing but satisfied, especially with their last interaction with General Manger, Jon Trapp, and Relationship Banker, Ryan Mark Soberg!

The couple were having problems with another financial. Barb was calling numerous times over the months and there were still issues. She told them over and over she knew what the problem was but they just wouldn't listen. Talk about frustrating when a bank won't listen to their customer! Then, they realized they needed help and came into Citizens. Jon and Ryan Mark were more than happy to help and took it upon themselves to call the other financial to figure it out. They didn't stop until it was fixed for Barb and Fred.

This is exactly what Citizens does for its customers. We are here for you, keep you smiling, and will do whatever we can to help. Barb and Fred #cantlivewithoutcitizens but what they don't know is that #wecantlivewithoutourcustomers (okay that was a really long hashtag).