Citizens State Bank at iFeed

I Feed Group Photo 1

iFeed is a one-day event where Interact Clubs work to alleviate hunger in the world AND in our own communities. They will pack 100,000 highly nutritious, vitamin-fortified soy-rice meals that will be shipped to Nicaragua via the Kids Against Hunger organization. 36 teams (450+ volunteers) will pack for about 6 total hours. 12 volunteers from Citzens State Bank will be volunteering to pack food.

Some ask why this is important and it is because the need is so great. Hunger is a real issue—in foreign countries AND in our own back yards. Children would go without food if it weren’t for the food packs sent by organizations such as Kids Against Hunger. These meals are prepared in schools so the children are fed, and also receive a basic education. Locally, the need for food is a constant challenge. Non-perishable food items collected during iFeed will be donated to the Hunger Task Force (the tri-state area’s major food pantry supplier) and other community pantries who are participating in iFeed outside of the La Crosse Area. iFeed truly will benefit every area food pantry.