July Engaged Employee of the Month: Jonathan Trapp

By jgerke@citizensstatebank.us

Jon Trapp Engaged Employee July Fb Blog

Senior Management is pleased to announce Jon Trapp has been selected as the July Engaged Employee of the Month!
Jon is a two time winner of this achievement. He is known in the office for his positive, can-do attitude! When staffing shortage gives him lemons, he makes lemonade. The first floor is no stranger to being shorthanded and Jon has stayed late and working many Saturdays to get the day-to-day items done so the customers don’t suffer during the workday. He is also a big supporter of helping the new employees and takes extra time to make sure they understand the policies and quizzes when they are onboarding.

He is often seen talking to customers in the lobby and engaging with them in great conversations! Jon is using his Get More™ training to talk to customers about our amazing product and asking them if they have downloaded the app yet if they already do. Many times he has taken them into his office to spend time to show the app and help get them signed up. These efforts keep customers happy, engaged, and appreciated! A lot of us engage with customers but do we challenge ourselves to take it a step further? Jon does!

Recognizing peers and submitting their success as a mission is something Jon does, as well as, cheers and funny board. Nurturing a culture of humor and teamwork is high on his list. He had several nominations last year and also a mission winner! He is active on social media and participates in bank promotions. Jon also actively gives back and encourages this example with his children. He has brought them to ring bells, sort food at Hunger Task Force, and iFeed events.

Recently, Jon got a Mayday text on a Sunday from a frantic business customer who put an envelope in our night drop and it got wedged when they put it in. Not only did Jon answer the text on a Sunday, he promptly went to the bank and got busy trying to remove it. While he did call Steve in for reinforcement, the customer was blown away that Jon responded so quickly and made them his top priority!

About eight months ago, Jon was asked to represent the bank at a national credit card conference in Miami. While being in the spotlight is not in his comfort zone, Jon prepared a discussion and made the trip to show others how our banks credit card program has grown and been successful.

Way to go Jon on our mission to be ENGAGED. Thanks for having fun and growing the bank!