June Engaged Employee of the Month: Lacy Olson

Lacy Eeom Fb Blog

Senior Management is happy to announce that Lacy Olson has been chosen as the ENGAGED employee of the month for June!

It’s Lacy’s daily mission is to exceed the customer’s expectations. She is always thinking of what she can do to WOW them, which is why the customers love her. Lacy is the employee who always shines in her customer interactions. When faced with a lemon, she is able to make lemonade and gain a customer for life. She treats her employee relations with the same great smile and enthusiasm.
In her day to day role, she is the office cheerleader. She can be found helping a CSR with a cross-sale or coaching them. There is no doubt she is there to help with whatever is needed and support her office team.

To help her office achieve sales goals last year, she created a ‘Chutes and Ladders’ game to help keep sales fun while they achieved growth in their office sales goals. Last year, she was also one of our top credit card referrals and truly maximizes each customer interaction to make sure they have everything they need financially.

She is known to be given an idea and to run with it. An excellent example of this was in March, Lacy to set up a Teach a Child to Save class. Lacy took this, contacted schools and taught two pre-k classes in Holmen and one fourth grade class at Northern Hills in Onalaska. She also took the initiative to visit the Onalaska Public Library.

She can also be found dressing up on theme days, holidays, or just goofing off by giving Leah a hard time! Lacy practices glass half-full and is the first one to point out when someone is being negative, that it could be worse or put a positive spin on the situation.

Lacy donated her time at the Family Fun Expo in Onalaska and is diligently following up on leads from gained from the show. Thank you, Lacy, for doing all the BIG and little duties, which make you the June ENGAGED Employee of the month.