October Engaged Employee of the Month: Megan Anderson

By jgerke@citizensstatebank.us

Oct Eeom Megan A

Senior Management is pleased to announce Megan Anderson has been selected as the ENGAGED employee for the month for October. Megan enjoys participating in all company events and opportunities to give back to the community like Bowl For Kids’ Sake, Hunger Task Force, Family Fun Fest, Stepping Out in Pink, etc. Not only did Megan participate in many community events, she also got her daughter Brynn to participate.

Megan has been very engaged with our Get More checking and took great initiative to get to know and understand the product, even though it isn't a core role of her position. Emotionally committed to the company and believing in the products, Megan is always behind participating with whatever the bank is promoting. Whether it be helping to advocate and promote our Get More products, The Café, Kickapoo Coffee Chips, or coffee deliveries, she has had success and results in all areas. Not only does Megan promote and utilize the Café, her daughter Brynn also uses and promotes Get More and the Café to her friends through social media posts.

Prior to Citizens, Megan was not one to welcome being pushed out of her comfort zone, however, this has since changed due to her willingness to be part of the team, promoting teamwork with a “CAN DO” attitude. Megan is eager to learn and uses the tools we provide our employees, such as Star Recommendations and Cheers, to make Citizens an even better place to work! Please help us in congratulating Megan for showing how ENGAGEMENT can happen in a short period of time.