Pay It Forward: Help for Homeless Veterans


By: Melinda Tillman, Eau Claire Office

Military roots run deep in my family including; Grandparents (WWII) Dad (Vietnam), Uncles (Korea and Vietnam), cousins and finally my Brother-in-law (who is currently deployed and retiring in 2019).

My Dad told me about the Homeless Vet Shelter in Chippewa Falls I knew that besides essentials they are in need of blankets. After talking to my children, they wanted to help make one. I then asked our 4-H club if they would be interested in helping in a community activity. The club jumped on board and pitched in with the rest of the money to purchase more fleece. With the money received from Pay It Forward and 4-H club we were able to make 5 tie blankets for the shelter.

Watching the children make blankets for the Homeless Vets Shelter was a lot of fun, teamwork, and laughter. The older kids helping the younger ones is quite something to watch. The gratitude we receive from the Vets will bring a smile to your face.