Pay It Forward Pigs, Part II

By jmoser

Antigo Park Bench - Jake Sharon

I was originally going to leave it in Las Vegas, but seeing some of the "strange" people on the Strip & Downtown Vegas made me reconsider. I decided to put it out on a bench along the walking trails in my hometown while I was home for Christmas . My hope is that someone found this on Christmas Day! 

Hwy 53 Rest Area by Rice Lake - Chad Hill

We thought that some weary traveler on their way would enjoy a nice surprise as they take a rest on their journey :)

Onalaska Omni Center - Josh Moser

I was there for some pick up hockey and thought it would be a good place to leave it with the extreme amounts of foot traffic between youth hockey, figure skating, etc. Growing up I always took for granted how much my parents did to get me and my brothers to our various hockey practices and games. I figured that even though it isn't much, the $10 would be a welcome relief for some awesome hockey mom or dad out there!

Dash Park, Onalaska - Lacy Olson

I wanted to leave my Pig somewhere it was going to be found sooner than later. While driving down Main st in Onalaska, right next to David Rays overlooking the river, they have Dash Park. In Dash Park during the holidays a huge tall Christmas tree is set up- I thought this would be perfect place! I placed it on a bench next to the tree, in hopes the next time someone goes by the tree to admire it, they find it :)

Festival Foods on Copeland - Nkaonyia Yang

I still had my pig with me in the car and was going to drop it off to Chuckie Cheese or somewhere in Onalaska. My pig never made it to where I wanted it to go. On Thanksgiving day, my little family and I were going to a friend's house and grabbed a quick snack from Festival Foods on the way. Well, when we got out of Festival and drove to the red light, there was a homeless man who held a sign, "God Bless You. Anything helps". I looked at my husband and then at the pig...the man needed it more than where I was going to place it. So I had my husband open the window and gave it to him. He said, "God Bless You." and went back to sit down. Once he read the pig, he started to cry. My eyes filled with tears as you could tell he needed more help than ever. Our hearts filled with sadness as we wanted to do more. This lesson was very helpful to our kids as well since my youngest is still learning. He didn't understand what we did until we told him about the man's situation. My kids has asked since then, how can we help others in need. This has really opened up their minds to being kind to others as you never know what they are going through. 

Downtown La Crosse - Sam Nelson

I gave it to a homeless man downtown. He looked like he needed it more than anyone else. I left the pig next to him while he was sleeping under his blankets on the street. Hope this was okay! I didn't take a photo because I didn't think it would be appropriate.

Nicolai Calvert Rd Apartment Lobby - Marcia Brendum

Every Monday, Nicolai management provides free coffee (sorry, not Kickapoo) in the morning to all their tenants. I thought this would be a great opportunity to leave the pig by the coffee station. I put the pig there in the morning and it was gone by noon!

La Crosse Children's Museum - Katie Brunslik

Walked past it and thought it was a good location that was well lit and many people would pass by

Downtown Trempealeau - Stephanie Waletzki

I knew that I wanted to place my pig somewhere in my community, either Trempealeau or Galesville. Last night when I went to go get my nails done in Trempealeau I spotted the perfect place to put it. There is tons of foot traffic downtown Trempealeau because of all of the local businesses down there. So I placed it next to one of the lights poles in hopes that someone walking by would see it and pick it up!

Altoona Family Restaurant - Demi Oberg

They have benches out front and it seems likely that a child or family will find it. My other idea was the library, but a lot of other people had that idea in Eau Claire as well so I wanted to do something different.