Pay It Forward Pigs, Part III

By jmoser

Hillside Animal Hospital - Sarah Fronk

I chose this location because I'm hoping to bring a smile to someone's face that may have to put down a pet or is struggling to pay expensive vet bills during the holiday season.

Rowe Park - Caitlyn Arroyo

It is a nice park to walk through and I have noticed a lot of people go there during their lunch breaks and either walk through the park or hangout in their cars, so I left it on a park bench. It is also right next to Onalaska High School and I'm sure some high school student could benefit from it!!

Outside of the Auguilera Building by Journey Active - Lindsey Branson

I chose this location specifically as it is right off the UWL Campus, is student housing and has foot traffic in the area to/from Kwik Trip. I was hoping a college aged student would benefit from the additional funds in addition to hopefully pay it forward some day!

Great River Landing, Onalaska - Mariah Langrehr

I chose this location because I heard it was a popular spot for people to hang out even in the winter.

Mindoro Town Hall - Heather Koss

It is in my home town and I know there are a lot of older people that go there so I thought it would be more likely that they would pay it forward.

Electrical Box outside Wells Fargo - Jordan Koenemann

Decent amount of foot traffic

Winona State Wellness Center - Jared Leis

I wanted to leave it in a very public place. Someone picked it up when I got back to my truck!

Winona - Jake Moths

I thought about doing a park or somewhere in La Crosse, but I decided to put the pig somewhere outside of our normal market. Hopefully this will put Citizens in the mind of someone who normally wouldn't hear about us.

Flower Planter outside of La Crosse Building - Steve Daniel

It just spoke to me

Gundersen Health System, La Crosse - Jami Gerke

I chose the hospital because this time of the year can be financially hard on people, especially if they have a health problem. I was heading to the hospital for a post-op visit so I thought I would gift a random stranger's day with a little money and hopefully a smile. I was parked on LL2 but there was no bench to put it on so I stopped at LL1. There were people waiting on their ride pulling up so I waited. After they left, I set out my pig and took my picture, rushing so no one would catch me. I felt a little bit of a thrill trying not to get caught. I took my picture and scooted to the elevators to go back down to my parking level. Right when I rolled towards the elevator, two women (one with a broken arm) came out, walked past the pig, and turned back to read it. I hit the button to go down and looked back as I got in the elevator. They started walking away and I wanted to yell, "No pick it up!" but maybe they weren't supposed to be the actual intended recipient of my random act of kindness. I really hope it goes towards someone who really needs it and will pay it forward to someone else someday.