Pay It Forward Pigs, Part IV

By jmoser

People's Food Coop - Andy Schroepfer

It's a busy place with some good people and I feel confident someone will pay it forward from there!

Chippewa Valley Habitat for Humanity Restore - Sue Nelson

I felt this would be a great place to pay it forward because the store helps people in need. They provide discounted gently used household items and building supplies. Customers coming to donate or shop would be excited to find the pig. I placed the pig on top of a donation box that has hygiene supplies, hats and mittens for anyone in need to take.

Apartment Mailbox - Natalie Boardman

I left the Pig at my apartment building mailboxes. I thought it would be a nice surprise for someone checking their mail or for the person picking up mail for the day.

The China Wok, Eau Claire - Austin Cance

I chose this location as it is in a strip of small businesses where there is a decent amount of foot traffic in that area.

Eau Claire Community Table - Lori Klug

We have a Community Table downtown Eau Claire where many families go with small children. I thought it would brighten someone's day when they found the pig while waiting for the doors to open :)

Rice Lake Post Office - Tony Tangwall

The post office is a place where people give all year long. I thought it would be a good idea to place the pig there so someone had the opportunity to be rewarded and have the satisfaction of giving just a little bit more this holiday season.

Myrick Park - Jill McGrath 

I chose to put my pig on top of the Myrick Park Marsh Trails map because I knew it would be somewhere that a lot of people would see it. I feel like my pig had a very good chance of not only being found, but for the "pay it forward" portion to continue on multiple times. Fingers crossed!

Kwik Trip - Rachel Leis

I decided to leave my pig at one of the Kwik Trips, right by a pump! As the holidays come up I know a lot of people will be traveling! I hope my pig helps someone put a little extra gas in their car, or maybe pay it forward! :)

Hamilton School Grounds - Jeannette Schreier

I drive by the Hamilton school every day and see this one family (single mom w/two boys) who clearly are trying to do their best, but are in worn clothes and walk up to the food bank to choose their meal (supper) for the day each morning. After scooping the situation out for a few days, I left the pig where they would see it, however they were walking in my direction as I did this, so I did not get the chance to take the picture of the pig sitting by the food cabinet outside Hamilton.

Bus Stop by Target - Sierra Tully

This time of year, everyone is doing a lot of Christmas shopping, so I knew I wanted to leave it somewhere by all the stores. I was on my way to Target trying to think of a place and I passed a bus stop. I thought that would be a perfect place since it was usually pretty busy there and I thought someone could use it to get on the bus or even walk to Target and buy a little gift for themselves or someone else!