Pay It Forward Pigs, Part V

On a Bench, Holmen Mayo Clinic

I wanted to leave my pig somewhere that people of all ages go. What better place then a doctor's office? Not everyone gets to leave the doctor's with a clean bill of heath! I left it out on the bench out front with hopes that someone would find it and pay it forward, or perhaps they needed a little extra holiday cheer for themselves!

Spare Time Bowling Alley - Heidi Van Heuklom

I chose this location due to it was womens bowling night and I feel they would pay it forward.

Front of BP/Amoco - Lisa Lien

I thought about walking in and paying for my gas. And what a fun surprise it would be to find the pig and get $5.00 of my gas paid for and then the great feeling of getting to turn around and hand the person behind me $5.00 to pay for theirs also.

Woodman's Shopping Cart - Eric Kirking

I decided to put it in a Woodman's shopping cart as this time of year can be difficult for some people to get by with all of the added expenses of the holidays. My hope was that if someone found it and didn't feel they needed the extra help they would choose to pay it forward again.

River Rocks Coffee Shop - Mariah Oppor

When I worked at River Rocks Coffee shop, many of my regular customers worked at Kaplan and LHI. During my shifts I often heard about charity events and fundraisers going on within these two companies, and I was always blown away by the customers generosity and kindness. So, I figured if I left the pig in the main entrance to the Kaplan Building, there was a good chance someone would find a way to pay it forward.

Clayton Post Office - Amanda Brendemuehl

Frequently visited place by many in the Clayton area :)

Irvine Park Christmas Village - Melinda Derks

The Christmas Village is something that will always hold my heart. It was started 32 years ago and many of my high school friends painted some of the figurines. Watching it grow year after year is simply amazing. When I moved back I started taking the kids on a horse drawn wagon ride through the Christmas Village, this was a tradition we did every year until just last year, 10 years total. When I asked my 2 kids where we should put it, I gave them 2 choices in Chippewa and they both said in the manger with Baby Jesus.

Little Free Library - Chrystal Morgan

In my town of Cottage Grove there are three little free libraries in a matter of 4-5 blocks. I thought it would be fun to leave my pig where a child or adult needing a book would find a neat surprise. The library I choose is located in a nice park where kids frequently walk by on their way to school or the park. It's a nice bonus for myself and family as we can drive by and see when the pig is taken. Already we have bets on how long it will take!

Village Park Lions Pavillion, Turtle Lake - Dallas Solfest

I left the Pay-It-Forward Pig on a picnic table in the Lions Pavilion about 30 minutes before people would be arriving for the lighting of the park Christmas Lights on Saturday. The Pavilion is where families and community members gather when they flip the switch.

Rotary Lights in La Crosse - Sandi Jo Koepp

I chose this location because I thought it would be good exposure to hopefully provide a long chain for paying it forward. Many people attend the lights each year and since the mission of the rotary lights is to "feed the hungry of he Coulee Region", I thought this would be a good place to leave my pig!