Pay It Forward Pigs, Part VI

Wiegent Park - Jon Trapp

Left the pig on a piece of playground equipment at Wiegent Park. The play ground is always busy with lots of families. Thought it would be a good place for someone to pick it up and follow the instructions.

Great River Landing - Lisa Vogel

I didn't want to just put it in front of or near an actual business. I was looking for a spot that was a little bit off the beaten path but not so much that it wouldn't be found.

Gas Pump - Holly Bearheart

I figured if someone saw this here they could easily Pay It Forward by putting the money toward someone else's gas or goodies. Around this time of year everyone needs a little cheer, and with this little piggy it could completely turn someone's day around for the better!! :)

Bench in Downtown - Kevin Friederichs

This is a heavy traveled area during the day. It is also the homeless shelter in Eau Claire. it is in an area that someone will pick it up and have use for the money.

Cathedral on Main Street, La Crosse - Julie Berg

I wanted to leave it where there would be a lot of foot traffic. You can see it from the street and it's next to the side entrance.

Center for the Arts, UWL - Danielle Roelse

I wanted to leave my pig on campus because I am currently a college student. :) It's also approaching finals week, so I figured a student could use a nice $10 surprise! I have class in this building at 7:45 am - 10:15 am. I put it out before my class and it was still there when I left class.

Myrick Park - Mary Pat McGuire

I chose Myrick Park because it was a beautiful day, so I figured a lot of people would be out walking. A lot of college kids, and people in general love this park because it is to pretty with a really nice walking trail. So I left him on a picnic table so people could see it from the road too. The way the sun was hitting it it looked like a shiny orb! Best part was we left to go to a store, and afterwards I wanted to go back to take a picture of him glowing but when we came back 45mins later he was gone!! Hope we hear the end to his great adventure!!

Sheboygan Falls, WI - Kyle Honken

I brought my pig with me to my grandma's house in Sheboygan Falls for Thanksgiving. I wasn't sure if I was going to leave it somewhere in the area or what, but after explaining the concept of the Pay It Forward pig to my grandma she said that she'd love to take it and put it somewhere in the area. She is very active in her community, often volunteering at an adult day program in Sheboygan called "The Gathering Place" as well as many other places/organizations. Attached is a picture of my pig that I set on my grandma's table. I'm excited to see where my pig ends up and the stories that come with it!

By the lakes, Winona - Shaunna Mueggenberg

After a lot of thought, I chose to place the pig at the Monumental Winona Sign located at the tourist center in between the lakes of Winona, MN. This is a common place for all types of people such as runners, young families, college students, and tourists. I placed it at sunset in the morning hoping to start someone's day off with a smile.

Galesville Police Station - Leah Jacobs

I feel that the Police departments have run ins with a lot of different people and probably see people in need all the time. They normally use a lot of their own money to help others. Hopefully this will start and spark an idea for someone to do a bigger cause.

Great River Vineyard Church - Deb Rislow

I drove by there the other day and saw a woman with a full basket of unwashed laundry waiting for someone to arrive to open the door for her. She was sitting on the ground waiting patiently. The building is located in an alley way close to our bank. The church has little parking available as you can see by the signs in my picture, so people have to park on the street or walk to the church. I don't know much about the church, but, thought that it might be just the right place for my piggy. You will see it if you zoom in by the lower left of the door sitting on a piece of cement.