Pay It Forward: Special Needs, Special Kids



By: Kendra Meek,  Eau Claire Office

This year I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for Pay-It-Forward, I just knew I didn't want to forget about it. :) I had thought about paying for someone's gas or coffee behind me, or donating to the fight against cancer, but kept trying to think of new ideas. That's when it came to me.

I "like" a page on Facebook called Special Books by Special Kids. This page showcases a young man who travels the world to interview people with various disabilities, in hopes to bring more awareness and acceptance (this is close to my heart as I am going to school for elementary and special education).

Anyway, on this FB page I saw an interview of a young boy named John. John lives with epidermolysis bullosa, a condition that leaves his body covered with open sores. He has lost over half his skin and is constantly battling severe pain. John still finds hope in serving as an example for others that it is possible to survive difficult times.

More so, after John's interview I saw another post that said:
"After John's interview hundreds of people asked if they could communicate with him directly. I reached out to John and he asked that instead of sending a letter to him, you consider making a small contribution to EB Research Partnership. This nonprofit is searching for a cure for EB, the condition affecting John. He shares "Even if a cure is found after my lifetime, I can be part of that moment by putting in work today." Consider making a contribution at"