Promotion Alert: Lisa Lien to AVP | Mortgage Loan Officer


Congratulations Lisa Lien for being promoted to AVP | Mortgage Loan Officer! 

Since joining Citizens 11 years ago, Lisa has raised the bar in her job duties and has done whatever was asked of her; always with a smile and positive attitude. She has rose to challenges in her role as GM and helped contribute to her office in record marketing calls and closed Freddie Mac loans, making last year Clayton’s best year ever.

Lisa rightfully earned the title of February's Engaged Employee of the Month recently. The winter Olympics were in full swing at that time and we wanted to share her Olympic efforts and dedication to the bank. She earned a gold medal at keeping things light, being kind to others and having fun at work. Lisa is often the receiver of pranks her staff pull on her when she is out at an appointment. Sometimes all her gumballs are missing, other times her desk chair is taped to the floor. She takes this in stride and is always laughing.

One of Lisa's super strengths is how well she adapts to adversary and helps out all departments of the bank. She nurtures a culture of humor, teamwork, respect and trust, and her office does a phenomenal job taking care of their customers!

Please help us in congratulating Lisa on her well deserved promotion!!!