Promotion: Christina Sawvel to CSR II


Christina Sawvel Csr Ii

Congratulations to Christina Sawvel on her promotion from a CSR to CSR II. Christina recently joined the Citizens family in Eau Claire and proved herself by catching on quickly and showing that she is eager to learn, being excellent with the customers, and always interacting with the customers and staff professionally. When a rare full-time position opened up at the bank, Christina was more than happy to take it. 

When Christina isn't at work guzzling down coffee, she is studying Business Economics at UW-Eau Claire and planning a wedding with her fiance, Ethan. Surprisingly, for a numbers person, she has more of an artistic side to her. She loves to style hair from dyeing hair to prom updos. She is also quite good at painting and drawing. Good enough to do it for commission! Give her a call if you are in need of art to hang on your wall. 

Christina is loved by her colleagues and customers and they know how deserving she is of this promotion. Thank you, Christina, for being such a good example to others and congratulations on your promotion!!!