Promotion News: Sherilyn Knoll

We are excited to announce that Sherilyn Knoll has been promoted to Operation Specialist III in the La Crosse Office. Sherilyn has been with Citizens State Bank since November 5, 2012; most recently as an Operation Specialist II. Sherilyn continues to be an excellent member of our Operations department while exemplifying Citizens' core values to the highest degree every day. 

Which of these fun facts about Sherilyn is true: that she cannot smell or that her favorite song is "Ice, Ice, Baby"? Trick Question! Both are true, Sherilyn is just that awesome of a person! Do you think she asks for an 'ice, ice, coffee" when she stops into The Cafe?

Sherilyn Knoll Promotion

We a re blessed to have her at Citizens State Bank! Please help us in congratulating Sherilyn!