Rich #Cantlivewithoutcitizens

Rich Bottelberghe Clwc

Rich Bottelberghe can’t live without Citizens because he “needs his daily bank fix!” He visits the ladies in Onalaska daily, for a dose of fun and laughter and he calls it his positive attitude adjustment for the day. He loves the way that everyone knows his name, and he can count on them to recommended something he might like, without selling him something he doesn’t need.

Rich is a private business owner so he understands the importance of treating people as more than just a number, which is one of the many reasons he loves coming to Citizens. He had the choice of going to a bank right outside his door or to drive up the street to Citizens. He chose to drive up the street to Citizens to get the Citizens experience every time he went in! Another reason Rich can’t live without Citizens is that he enjoys the immediate answer to questions, which is an experience he has not had in the past with banks. He says that the feeling you get at Citizen’s is unlike any other. He goes in to get cheered up if he’s having a rainy day. Rich feels like it is a pleasure coming into the bank. He knows he is truly valued, not only as customer, but as a person. Thank you, Rich, for being a customer of Citizens and we can’t live without you!