September Engaged Employee of the Month: Ethan Kerker

July Eeom Ethan

Senior Management is pleased to announce that Ethan Kerker has been selected as the Engaged Employee of the Month for September!

Ethan came to us almost one year ago as an intern, however looking at him today you would never guess it’s only been a year! Right from the start, he jumped into his role with both feet, eager to learn, do his very best and help anyone in need of assistance. I think if you ask any of our employees at the bank, they would agree, he has exceeded their expectations and has been a great addition to the HR Team😊

From the minute Ethan walks in the door, he portrays a positive attitude and fun energy onto everyone he encounters. He has become the HR “master of fun” and you can find him drumming up excitement in the Cafe with other employees, after a hard week of work. Who knew a toy bowling set could be so fun!

Coming in with a new prospective on the HR Department, Ethan has been able to offer great suggestions and feedback to enhance our current processes. When looking for creative ideas to welcome new employees, Ethan came up with the suggestion of the “New Employee GIFs” and continues to lead the charge to make sure each new staff member has specialized welcome message. More recently when looking for a new Human Resource Information System, Ethan took the bull by the horns with a “Can-Do” attitude and started reaching out to vendors while his Supervisor was on FMLA leave. Upon her return he had a list of vendors and demos ready.

Choosing to go above and beyond is a daily occurrence for Ethan. From helping Operations stuff monthly customer statements, to assisting Marketing in their many requests, he is present to help others when there is a need. It is also no surprise to see Ethan actively volunteering outside of work at animal shelter day; after all he has a soft spot for animals. Be sure to ask him about his cat Saphira!

Ethan is always thinking outside the box on how to improve Citizens State Bank and increase happiness in the work place.

Thank you, Ethan, for your hard work and dedication you give to our organization. Demonstrating your engagement to this level is precisely why Senior Management named you Engaged Employee of the Month! Congrats!!!