THE VAULT: 3 Reasons to Get our Mobile App Today:

3 Reasons to Get our Mobile App Today: #2 is a Game Changer!
Banking from your phone? You bet! If you haven’t tried our app, now is the time! Citizens 24 To Go can help you do many of your normal banking tasks quickly and conveniently. Use the app anytime to access your account from your phone or tablet. Check daily balances, see recent activity, transfer funds, find office locations, and NOW deposit checks and pay bills! Here’s why:

1) Convenience – Traveling? No computer access? Bank closed? Our app has you covered. Get instant access to your accounts any time from your Android, Apple, or Windows device.

2) Save Time - No time to stop by the bank on your lunch break to deposit a check? Need to pay that bill right away? No worries! You can deposit that check and pay that bill from your couch while wearing your pajamas.

3) Save Money - Spend less gas money driving to the bank, pay those bills quicker to avoid late fees, and deposit your paycheck in a snap so overdraft fees are a thing of the past!

Banking away from home has never been easier, so get started today! Download Citizens 24 To Go from the Android, Apple or Google Play store.