Welcome Parker Weber, La Crosse

By cmorgan@citizensstatebank.us

It is time to welcome Mr. Parker Weber to Citizens State Bank, our newest Relationship Banker in our La Crosse office!

Parker is a local from La Crosse, and has an older brother. His favorite activity is tennis…or any sport with a ball really, and his favorite television channel is “GSN” – we had to look this one up – this is also known as the “Game Show Network,” which is, perfectly dedicated to classic reruns of game shows and the new iterations too. Guess it’s true what they say: you learn something new every day!

Parker’s hidden talent is that he can hold his breath for a whole minute, but we are willing to wager that he will shine in his role as a Relationship Banker and give the #CitizensExperience to each and every one of our valued customers.

Some additional fun facts: 

  • If Parker was stuck on a desert island, he’d miss peanut butter and root beer the most...
  • Something on his bucket list is to travel to Rome and explore. 
  • In his car, you’ll hear Matchbox Twenty on the radio, but this guy blasts Christmas music when the most wonderful time of the year comes around! 
  • His one wish? The end of Daylight Savings Time, because he likes his daylight hours!
Welcome to the team, Parker Weber!