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Citizens Remote

With Citizens Remote you can scan and submit your checks electronically from the convenience of your place of business.


No more wondering whether traffic or bad weather will delay timely posting of deposits. No more writing out deposit slips. No more trips to the bank. No more playing "beat the clock." 
Your valuable time is not spent traveling to and from the bank, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


Scan the checks in your office with space-savings equipment provided through Citizens State Bank.
Send. Once all checks are scanned and the checks are entered, the batch is balanced automatically and your computer sends a file of all the electronic check images to Citizens State Bank.
Simple. The checks are validated and cleared by Citizens State Bank, and your deposit becomes available in your account.


  • Eliminate cost and liability of regular trips to the bank
  • Expedite funds availability; improves cash flow
  • Done on your schedule, including outside of traditional banking hours and on the weekends
  • Reduce deposit preparation costs and transportation costs
  • Streamline your accounting. Citizens Remote will give you the option of exporting your deposit information in an Excel format that can be imported into some existing accounting software.
  • Reduced risk of fraud. Citizens Remote and ACH accelerates the check clearing process and reduces the risk of fraud by allowing returned items to be identified quicker.
  • Fewer NSFs
  • Centralizes deposits from outlying offices with one financial institution


  • $50 monthly fee
  • Can be bundled with Citizens Biz at a discount
  • Regular Business Checking account is required

Getting Started

Once you decide Citizens Remote is a smart choice for your business we will set up a time for one of our business banking team members to visit your business and walk through the process with you. We will set up the necessary equipment and make sure you understand it step by step. We will run a test deposit from your location to ensure that all the equipment and software is working properly. Should you have questions about Citizens Remote, our business banking team will able to answer your questions and provide on the spot personal service.

To learn more about Citizens Remote or how any of our business banking services can help contact us at 1-608-785-2265.

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