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CitizensBiz Internet Banking

Online banking for businesses that require more features to better manage accounts and improve cash flow, efficiency, and security.

CitizensBiz offers you the ability to:

  • Review account information.
  • Set up automatic e-mail alerts
  • Move funds between accounts via book transfers
  • Process bank to bank transfers via ACH
  • Initiate wire transfers at a discounted rate
  • Set up monthly ACH debits or credits from customer deposit accounts
  • Originate payroll via ACH and deposit directly to y our employees' accounts
  • Draft customers' account for pre-authorized payments
  • Reconcile and monitor account information 24/7
  • Place stop payments
  • Pay bills via ACH
  • Export a file of your transactions to Quick Books, Quicken, or a comma-delimited file format.
  • Increase security by providing individual staff members unique functionality and account access
  • Allows control of your accounts 24/7.
  • Request customer service or keep up-to-date with what’s new via e-mail.


  • $50 monthly fee
  • Can be bundled with Citizens Remote at a discount
  • Regular Business Checking account is required

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