Business Banking / PPP Checklist for Existing Customers at Citizens State Bank

PPP Checklist for Existing Customers at Citizens State Bank

Be sure to complete steps 1, 2, and 3 below.

  1. Complete PPP Loan Calculator (If business files any type of corporate tax return) PPP Loan Calculator (If business files a schedule C on owner's personal tax return)
  2. Complete Borrower Application (SBA Form 2483) (Please be sure to initial numbers 5 & 6)
  3. Compile any and all supporting payroll documentation into a single consolidated PDF if possible. Examples of acceptable supporting documentation would include:
    • Copies of payroll summary and/or tax reports filed with the IRS (including tax forms 941, 940, state income, and unemployment tax filing reports) for entire year of 2019 and first quarter of 2020 (if available). 
    • If applicable, schedule C of personal tax return. 
    • Breakdown of other payroll benefits, including vacation, allowance for dismissal, or other PTO benefits, as well as health insurance premiums and retirement plan funding by the employer from the immediately preceding 12-month period.
    • Any other supporting documentation used to aid during the completion of the PPP Loan Calculator.

If you are a customer and currently only have a deposit account, please submit these additional documents with your application:

  • Operating Agreement or By-Laws and minutes (that identify authorized signers)
  • Color photocopies/pictures of current drivers licenses for all owners over 20%

Please submit all documents requested above via Dropbox link below (if you are submitting for multiple businesses, please submit them separately):

Click here to upload files

*For existing customers who are submitting a PPP Application, the Borrowing Entity MUST have a deposit account with Citizens State Bank. If the Borrowing Entity does not have a deposit account with Citizens, please contact the bank to set up a deposit account prior to submitting your application.