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Pay It Forward

18119448 Money In Pocket Of A Denim Pant   Extra Jingle in His Pocket | By Al

Al used his $10 to help out a fellow who has been out of work and recently had to have surgery. The guy has no money coming in right now and the money will help to put a little jingle in his pocket. 

BackpackBackpack to Help Homeless | By Rich

When Citizens gave me $10 to pass on, I felt honored that I would be asked to do this. As with all money, I feel that it should be treated as an investment. So, I decided I should match it. When discussing this with a couple of friends, my $10 was matched to become $30. I asked Mark at the Warming Center in La Crosse what I should get with the $30. Mark said that a backpack would be a good thing to get. 

I found a high quality backpack on clearance at Office Depot. One day at the Warming Center, a mother and daughter came with some scarfs they personally knitted during the year, along with other essential items. I received these gifts and came to a room full of donated items. The room full of donated items had me in tears knowing that many people also pass it on to help others. 

Kindergarten  Gas Money to the Church Volunteer | By Ivan

At my wife’s church there is a woman who does a lot with the children of the congregation. She was very recently divorced and has moved another town away putting her further away from the church during the season of rehearsals and programs. I added to the pay it forward money from Citizens and bought a gas card and dropped it anonymously to help her in her travels during the holidays.

Mail  Mail Joy | By Brenda

My $10 went to the wonderful person who picks up our outgoing mail at work. I know he can use the money. On his rounds he's on a timeline, and even when I hold him up to get that last letter out, he has a smile on his face and waits patiently. Sometimes he brings his daughter along and she is just as sweet as her father. I appreciate our mail courier very much and hope he has a very Merry Christmas.

Waitress  Waitress Overload | By Wade

I was at a restaurant with my children one morning and noticed a waitress preparing to leave as her overnight shift was over. As she walked to her car I noticed that she had turned around and walked back into the very busy restaurant. She began to take her coat back off and head to the cashiers station. She looked exhausted but willing to stay and help. I walked up to her to pay my bill and at that moment decided that she could use a little extra Christmas cheer. I handed her the $10.00 and thanked her for all of her hard work. My act of kindness brought a smile to her face and she continued to thank me over and over again.

I was thanked over and over again by her and since this act of kindness I have reached into my pocket and have done this two additional times. It is a very good feeling to help others.

25590049 10210460833346150 831297511 N  Free Pizza and a Hug | By Scott

I just paid it forward with the $10 I received from Citizens State Bank and a bit of my money too. I went to get pizza for lunch and while I was ordering a cute little lady came in to pick up her order...I told cashier..I am paying for hers, she kissed me! Then I said to cashier, I want to pay for the next person that orders a pizza as well. So I paid it forward to a couple people for lunch today! Thanks for letting me pay it forward with your money!! It was fun.

Kb40o0zasvebrelh0fq2jy2ie7xk5l7  Spreading the Cheer | By Joe

Holding onto his $10 for just the right moment, Joe had the opportunity to help an elderly lady at a grocery store pay for her groceries when she ran a little short on the total.  Having such a great time spreading cheer he was also able to buy a couple of chocolate Santa's for a young girl purchasing bread and eggs at a convenience store who was eyeing them up while paying for the necessities.  While finishing up his shopping he noticed a little girl outside of Shopko who was telling her mom she didn't have any money to put in the "Red Kettle" for the Salvation Army.  After seeing she was quite upset about it, he gave her what was left of the $10  so she could add it to the kettle.

1200 Dietitian Lunch Wide Sandwich  Surprise Lunch | By Dillon

While at Festival Foods checking out one day, Dillon surprised a couple of college students that were in the check out in front of him by buying their lunch and telling them to Pay It Forward!

R960 D39ae45919b969b9e2597cf30d5fe5e0  Pay-It-Forward Keeps Going |  By Joan M.

Joan was out at the grocery store on Tuesday. It was snowing and blowing and a gentleman stopped to help her load her groceries and take her cart back to the store. She thought that this was a perfect time to pay-it-forward. Joan gave the name the $10 and he said, "No, I don't want your money." She told him it's not my money but my bank in Clayton is doing it a pay-it-forward. She told him he could either keep the $10 or give it to someone else. He thought that was a great thing that the bank was doing and he would be definitely pay-it-forward.

Screen Shot 2012 05 16 At 3.27.00 Pm  Feeding Young Local Homeless Man |  By Pam

There is a homeless young man that Pam often sees near her office. She waited until she saw him again and gave him the $10. He was appreciative and not offended. He told Pam that he would be able to get several days of food with the money. Pam told us that the she was happy to participate in such a thoughtful way to make a difference in our community. Besides our awesome service, Pam says that banking with us is like family.

Kwik Trip Coffee   A Free Cup of Joe  |  By Rick

Rick took the $10 he was given from Citizens State Bank and added his own $10 to it. He used the $20 at Kwik Trip to buy a gift card there. This was on a Monday morning when Kwik Trip has their $1 coffee, any size. He then gave the card to the cashier and asked her to pay for the next 20 cups of coffee for whoever was in getting a $1 cup of coffee. He told the Kwik Trip cashier that if anyone asked, it was a Pay It Forward - complements of Citizens State Bank and Rick. What a neat way to start off your Monday morning, having someone buy you a cup of joe!

Woman Crying   Finally Someone Cares | Dianna

Our customer, Dianna chose to Pay It Forward by giving back to her dental hygienist! "She has had a rough year with so many life changes. My husband and I donated our Pay It Forward cash to our hygienist for gas to help her travel back and forth to her new job in the Eau Claire area. When we gave the cash to her from Citizens State Bank, tears welled up in her eyes and she exclaimed, "finally someone cares." 

Thank you so much Dianna for taking the #PayItForward challenge and giving a helping hand!

Supermarket    A Nice Surprise Finally | By Jeff

While Jeff was shopping at his local Dollar Store, he handed the cashier his Pay It Forward cash to pay for the lady's items behind him in line.  As he was leaving, he told the cashier and the customer behind him, "Have a great Thanksgiving!"

Gas Station Clerk    Help from a Gas Station Clerk | By Anonymous

"I matched the $10 and gave it to a clerk at our local gas station. She paid for a customer’s gas and bought another some food as they didn’t have quite enough money in their pocket. She did not say who it was from and I don’t know who received it, but it warms my heart to do something special for someone…anyone…Thank-you for the inspiration, Citizens!"