Personal Banking / Savings


Minor Savings

  • Open a minor savings and teach your child to save with a high earning savings account.
  • $10 initial deposit required.
  • Account earns current minor savings account APY* on balances up to $10,000.00; portion of balance over $10,000.00 will earn current APY* of a regular savings account.
  • Interest compounded monthly with monthly statements.
  • Must be under the age of 18 to qualify for this account.
  • One minor account per child required.

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*Annual Percentage Yield

Smart Savers Club (14 & under)

When opening a Minor Savings account, the minor automatically becomes a member of our Smart Savers Club. As a Smart Saver, the minor will receive:

  • A Smart Savers Card to record deposits made into their savings account.
  • A punch on their Smart Savers Card for each deposit made into their account along with a small prize.
  • A large prize once ten deposits are made.
  • Fun Smart Savers activity sheets to help the minor become familiar with the general concepts of saving and banking.

*The minor must be present at the time of deposit to receive a punch and a prize.


  • $100 initial deposit with a required $100 continual minimum balance to earn interest.
  • Interest compounded quarterly with combined quarterly statements.
  • Free Internet Banking.
  • Free ATM card.
  • Free ATM access to terminals using the Money Pass network.
  • Individual retirement account options: IRA savings accounts - available for traditional or Roth - with variable rate and interest paid quarterly.
  • Health savings accounts: with variable rate and interest paid quarterly. A free checking account is tied to the HSA savings account with free debit card available. A $25.00 set up fee and cost of checks. No monthly fees. Monthly statements.